Source: Daily Express (Extract)
Posted: January 23, 2022

Certain houseplants can be toxic to pets, according to experts at Flowercard, who recently researched the world’s most popular houseplants for 2022. This included Aloe Vera and Tulips, which can cause dogs and cats to become ill.

Flowercard explained: “Many common indoor plants can be harmful to pets, and while most won’t cause more than an upset stomach, some are lethal.”

Tulips, which can be found both inside and outside the home, can be toxic to dogs and cats.

The experts explained they contain glycosides, which is found in all flowers from the lily family.

Flowercard said: “The most toxic part of the plant is the bulb, and once eaten it can cause symptoms like vomiting and hypersalivation.”

One popular houseplant, known for its gorgeous white flowers and green glossy leaves, is the Peace Lily.

Whilst it may look beautiful in the home, dog and cat owners may want to avoid it.

Its toxicity can range from mild to moderate, and symptoms include irritation of the mouth.

The experts continued: “One of the most popular indoor plants, aloe vera can be harmful to cats and dogs…it can cause tremors and vomiting if eaten.”

Aloes contain anthraquinone glycosides which are metabolised by intestinal bacteria forming compounds that increase mucus in the colon.

Although low maintenance, many succulents are in fact dangerous for cats and dogs.

This includes the Jade Plant, which has risen in popularity as a houseplant because it is low-maintenance.

It can also easily be propagated, and needs watering very little.

Part of the rubber tree family, Flowercard said it can be toxic for animals if they eat it.

One other plant which pet owners should be mindful of is the ZZ plant.

Known for its wide, dark green leaves, it tolerates neglect and is a great houseplant for beginners.

However, Flowercard said: “The ZZ plant is mild to moderately toxic if ingested by pets. The toxins in the plant can cause symptoms including stomach aches and vomiting.”

Pet owners who have toxic plants should keep them out of reach at all times.

The company also shared the top low-maintenance plants that are the easiest to care for.

This included the Snake Plant, which is also toxic if ingested by pets.

Recent research by B Well CBD found that over 700 plants and flowers can be toxic for not only animals, but humans too.

This included Daffodils, the Spider Plant, Oleander and the Caladium houseplant.

Houseplant owners should always read the instructions before deciding on a placement for their plant.

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