Source: Hexham Courant (Extract)
Posted: April 29, 2024

CAT OWNERS to be aware of the new law for microchipping.

Under new legislation, cat owners in England will have until June 10th 2024 to microchip their cats and register them on a government-approved database.

Cat owners are being reminded their pet needs to be microchipped with the latest contact information before they turn 20 weeks old to help keep them safe and help lost or stolen cats to be reunited with their owners.

If your cat already has a chip, make sure your contact information is right especially if you have moved home or changed your phone number. Incorrect or out-of-date information means that your cat is not legally considered as microchipped.

While your cat might wear a collar and tag that carries your details, these can easily break, fall off, or be removed. A microchip can’t be removed easily, so your details will always be with your cat.

Northumberland County Councilor Gordon Stewart, Cabinet Member for Looking after our Communities said: “Dog owners have been required by law to have their dog microchipped since 2016 and now this new legislation is being introduced to help keep cats safe.

“Cats can wander long distances or get lost and if they are not microchipped it is very hard to reunite them with their families which can be devastating for their owners and distressing for their pets.

No matter how far from home they are found, or how long they have been missing, if a cat has a microchip there is a good chance that a lost cat will be swiftly returned home.”

Getting your pet microchipped is a quick and simple procedure. Vets will usually charge between £10 and £30 to do this.