Source:  Metro (Extract)
Posted:  April 19 2021

Two hikers were left astonished after they were followed to the top of a 10,000 ft mountain by a lost cat.

Cyril and Erik Rohrer were making their way through heavy snow up Mount Britsen in Switzerland when they heard the cat meowing from behind a tree.

The pet had wandered away from civilization and ended up on the slopes of the mountain and, not wanting to be alone, followed the hikers right to the top.

They later discovered she had gone missing from her home in a nearby town and had followed other hikers as well, meaning she was likely to have scaled the huge peak three times during her adventure.

Another group eventually took the cat back down to the valley below and reunited it with her owners.

Cyril, from Sachseln, Switzerland, said: ‘Bristen is one of the longest Skitours in the area. From the starting point at 800msl. It’s nearly 2300m to get to the top of Mt. Bristen at 3073msl.

‘It was 4:30am, at around 1200m, when we heard a cat in the dark forest. She made a really scared and confused impression.

‘But we couldn’t get rid of her while walking uphill. So she stayed with us up to over 3000msl.

‘She started to shiver and her paws began to bleed from the hard snow. Sometimes we picked her up and carried her when she was too exhausted to walk uphill anymore.

‘We were definitely confused. I felt really sorry for the cat. She was really exhausted on the ridge underneath the summit.’

Cyril and Erik were overtaken by another group of hikers at the peak and they took the cat back down to the valley.

They later discovered the animal had been missing for four days and had been attaching herself to other groups of hikers for the last two days.

Cyril added: ‘So she has been up there three times. Animals do weird things. And they are way tougher than humans. They’ll never give up. Even though they are hurting really really bad.’

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