Source:  Watford Observer (Extract)
Posted:  April 10, 2021

Dog owners have been issued guidance on how long different breeds need to be walked for after research found many are under-exercised.

According to the PDSA Animal Wellbeing Report, 13 per cent of dogs within the UK are not walked daily which is damaging their wellbeing.

With April being ‘active dog month’, Kennelstore, the UK’s largest dog housing superstore, has put together an infographic revealing how long each dog should be walked depending on their breed.

Smaller dogs like the Yorkshire Terrier are said to need at least 30 minutes daily exercise whereas a Cocker Spaniel should have at least one hour. For larger breeds like Border Collies or Huskies, they need at least two hours of daily exercise.

Andrew Jones, spokesperson for Kennelstore, said: “When we commit to owning a dog, we know that we need to walk them frequently for physical exercise, mental stimulation and socialising.  

“However, what many of us can be unaware of is the fact that the right amount of exercise for your dog is dependant on its breed, age, health and personality. 

“One of the most important factors that can determine how long you should walk your dog is the breed. There are some dog breeds that are more energetic and excitable than others, and because of this, they will need more frequent and vigorous exercise.”  

He continued: “There are other breeds that have instinctive preferences for play and exercise that they were purposely bred for.” 

“Just like us humans, our dogs need different amounts of exercise at different ages. A typical toddler would struggle with a two-hour walk, therefore you must expect the same from a puppy.  

“Likewise, as dogs grow older, so does their stamina and ability to exercise for long periods, and because of that reason, they may struggle with exercise they were once used too.”

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