Source:  ENCA (Extract)
Posted:  April , 23 2021

A French special forces dog called Leuk was on Friday awarded a British animal charity’s top award for gallantry, after he saved lives by cornering insurgents during an anti-terrorist operation in Mali.

The five-year-old dog, nicknamed “Leuk la Chance” — “Lucky Leuk” — died in a subsequent operation in May 2019, when he was killed by an armed insurgent. 

He was repatriated with his body covered by the French tricolour flag and was received with a guard of honour, like any human casualty of war.

He received the posthumous PDSA Dickin Medal for his bravery during an operation in April 2019, when two armed insurgents were positioned in thick vegetation near troops.

“Leuk ran through flames as the enemy continued to shoot at him and his team,” the PDSA (People’s Dispensary for Sick Animals), a veterinary charity, said.

“He attacked the enemy relentlessly, allowing the unit to successfully neutralise them.”

Later in the mission, he created a diversion by attacking an insurgent allowing the commandos to neutralise four more.

Then while searching for explosives, he suddenly intercepted another armed insurgent.

“Not only did he go in but he engaged the enemy in combat for over five minutes,” his handler, named only as Forest, said in video footage with his face concealed.

“Thanks to that, I can talk to you today.”

Leuk is the first French military working dog to receive the medal, which is inscribed “For Gallantry” and “We Also Serve.”

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