Source:  BBC (Extract)
Posted:  May 5, 2021

A cat has been rescued after a dog reacted to her meows coming from a ledge 20ft (6m) underground.

Firefighters were called to the well at a house on Main Street in Loddington, Northamptonshire at 14:53 BST on Tuesday.

Flea, who is nearly a year old and lives across the road, had been missing from her home for more than a week.

Her owner Freya Hill said the dog drew the attention of the people living at the house.

She said Flea was OK and had acted like “nothing happened” after being brought to safety.

A Northamptonshire Fire and Rescue Service spokesman said there was about a foot of water at the bottom of the well, but “the cat had managed to climb on to a small ledge”.

She was enticed off the ledge with cat food.

Freya, 22, who owns the cat with her sister, Keira, said Flea went missing on 24 April and she feared she may have been “clipped by a car”.

Keira had organised searches and the pair did not expect to find her “over the road”.

“She does have a habit of jumping into cars and wanting to go for a walk. She is just over-friendly with people and will follow them,” said Freya.

Flea was “hungry and happy and sitting by the radiator” after being rescued, and a check by a vet confirmed she was otherwise OK.

“She’s definitely trying to use up one of her nine lives,” said Freya.

“I’m so grateful and thankful to the firefighters who all carried out such a brilliant and amazing job.”

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