Source:  Manchester Evening News (Extract)
Posted:  March 11 2021

Bruntwood Works has made all of its coworking and serviced office spaces canine friendly.

With more people becoming dog owners over the last year it’s understandable that new ‘pawrents’ may be concerned about leaving their four-legged friends at home when the time comes to return to work.

That’s why Bruntwood Works has made all of its coworking and serviced office spaces across Manchester dog-friendly, anticipating people returning to the office in June.

Bruntwood Works offers a range of vibrant office spaces in Manchester, including the newly redeveloped Blackfriars House and 111 Piccadilly, and soon to be launched Bloc (formerly Lowry House). These ‘Pioneer buildings’ each offer coworking lounges and serviced offices, which now cater for all newly adopted pups.

Senior commercial manager, Jack Maher, who works across Bruntwood Works’ serviced space in Manchester City Centre, believes that making their spaces dog-friendly is crucial to reducing separation anxiety in dogs and boosting employees’ mental health.

He said: “Since the pandemic began, dog ownership has increased significantly and we wanted to make sure we’re making a return to work as stress-free as possible. We’ve seen a rise in both existing and prospective customers asking for dog-friendly workspace, so this was a natural next step.

” Bringing dogs into the workplace has not only been found to boost employee wellbeing, but also reduces the threat of separation anxiety in dogs themselves.”

According to research by the University of Lincoln, employees who bring their dogs into work report 22% higher satisfaction with their working conditions.

The report also found that those who do bring their dogs into work are more dedicated towards their work by 16.5% and are 33% more absorbed in the work they are doing.

Maher added: “We’re delighted to welcome well-behaved dogs into our spaces.

“Each building has its own dedicated on-site team who know all of their customers really well, so we’ll always be around to help, including making sure there’s a steady supply of treats!

“There are also some lovely outdoor spaces nearby for city centre walks, including Parsonage Gardens by Blackfriars House and the Rochdale Canal Towpath by 111 Piccadilly.”

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