Source: The Argus (Extract)
Posted: January 30, 2024

Research by Animal Friends Pet Insurance ranked the Sussex city in first place after considering a number of factors including the availability of dog training classes, walking hotspots, green spaces and dog-friendly pubs.

The study also found that the French Bulldog was the most popular dog breed in Brighton, with Teddy and Bella being among the city’s top dog names.

When it comes to dog-friendly pubs in the city, The Basketmakers Arms in North Laine and The Park View near Preston Park were named as two of the most popular.

Joe’s Cafe in Upper Hamilton Road and Alcampo Lounge in London Road were also recognised as being two of the most welcoming cafes for dogs to visit.

As well as Brighton, other dog-friendly cities that ranked in the top ten across the UK included Exeter, Chester, Colchester, Bath, and York.

Although Brighton is the most dog-friendly in the UK, Animal Friends Pet Insurance still want people across the city and UK to make sure they are prepared when introducing a dog into their households.

Catrin George, animal wellbeing specialist at Animal Friends Pet Insurance, said: “Adding a dog to your family can be an incredibly rewarding and meaningful experience, but it’s important to be aware of these costs and considerations upfront to make sure you can provide for your dog throughout their life.

“Whether your city made it as one of the ‘dog-friendliest’ in the UK, or not, every area has something unique to offer its canine residents.

“As long as you’re providing a loving home and your pooch has everything they need, that’s all that matters.”