Ways To Celebrate Being A Pet Dad

Our lives are busier than ever, and Father’s Day is the time of the year to consider what kind of dad you are to your pet children. A great Pet Dad provides love, care and guidance to his pets. There are many fun and creative ways to celebrate being a Pet Dad on Father’s Day!


Our pets are certainly not lacking any material goods and the most important gift you can give your pet is your time. Pets love being with their human family, especially with the human they look up to the most. Include your pet in daily activities and spend as much time with them as you can; there is no better way to make them feel loved and secure.


Pets need discipline and guidance through training. Formal obedience training is the best way to teach pets to get along in the human world and reinforce their bond with their families.


Most pets, especially dogs, need regular exercise. Instead of going to the gym, include your dog on your run or bike ride, hike in the forest, or fun family ball games and fun activities that will provide them with both exercise and companionship. Your furry kids love you for keeping them active, groomed and healthy!


Staying social is important for your pooch and what better way than to include him in activities where you can take him along. Picnics check all the boxes when it comes to doggie fun; a picnic in the park, on the beach or even in your backyard with friends and family is an ideal event.


Keeping up on routine veterinary visits is important for your pet’s overall health and protects them against fatal diseases, and helps to keep other pets and family in your house safe.


Make grooming a bonding experience. Take time to talk and connect with your dog while attending to grooming duties like bathing, brushing, cleaning teeth and ears, and trimming nails. Get a special gift or tool such as a fancy grooming tool, pooper scooper or new leash that will make your job as Pet Dad a little easier. After all, you deserve it!


A good Pet Dad does not skimp by buying cheap food and knows that it will pay off with a healthier pet in the long run. Good and healthy pet food can boost your pet’s energy level, help promote a healthy weight and affect the longevity and quality of life for your pet.


Don’t forget the most important aspects of being a Pet Dad – show your pets that you love them by giving frequent hugs. Take a few selfies with your furry friend(s) on Father’s Day or use the self-timer and set up a photoshoot with the entire family to capture special moments.

If you are not a Pet Dad, that’s ok. Take this opportunity and support an animal shelter or clinic.

Happy Pet Dad’s Day!

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