Hot Tips For Summer

Summer can often be uncomfortably hot, especially for our fur-babies. That’s why pet parents should always be considerate of their quadruped companion’s ability to cope with high temperatures.

Before becoming owned by a new pet, it’s sensible to research the breed of dog or cat with whom you’re planning to share your home. This will inform your understanding of how each typically fares through the seasons, especially in extreme climates.

In summer, regardless of breed, you should ensure that there are comfortable areas outside and inside where they can cool down. Also make certain that there is adequate, accessible, and clean drinking water to keep them hydrated. When the heat becomes uncomfortable it’s pleasant to have an electric fan available for cooling yourself and giving relief to your pet.

When going on walks, be careful that the ground doesn’t burn their paws. Hands make for good thermometers, so if it’s hot to your touch it will be too hot for them. Remember to take along a generous water bowl, find shady spots to rest, walk at cooler times of the day, and never overexert your pet.

Warmer weather encourages critters like ticks and fleas to proliferate, so to repel these pests that can cause illness and irritation, do manage your pet’s coat. Barbering a dog’s pelt is seldom the best approach because the specialised longer hairs afford UV protection, and the undercoat helps insulate against heat.

The most crucial point of all is NEVER to leave your pet in a vehicle on a warm day, even for the quickest of shop stops. This extreme health risk rapidly causes dehydration and over-heating that could seriously harm them, even if you do not notice it at once.

These simple tips will help you and your pet buddy enjoy many safe and happy summers together.

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